Ms. Moore

Welcome to my page.  My name is Ms. Moore and I am a Math Intervention teacher at Horizon Middle School.  This is the beginning of my 32nd year here at Horizon.  My role is to provide academic, emotional and behavioral support to the students in my classroom.  This year my schedule includes a daily a Math 180 on each of the grade level team. In addition to my teaching role, I also coach 8th grade volleyball and I co-sponsor the Student Council.  I also play a role in managing our PBIS school store.  Outside of school, I enjoy spending my time with my daughter, Kaitlyn and other family members.  I am an avid sports fan, with football and volleyball being my favorite sports. 


Math 180 is an intervention-based math program which provides research-based strategies to help students improve their math calculation and problem-solving skills.  Each class period will begin with an instructional video lesson which introduces the problem-solving strategy.  Next, the students will participate in a guided practice problem set and end the lesson with independent practice and an exit tickets which monitors the student’s level of understanding.  This program also has an on-line component with lessons that align with the daily instructional activities. Students are expected to complete the daily lessons within one day of the classroom instruction.  There will be some time provided within the classroom setting to initiate the on- line component, however students may need to finish up this work at home.





I can be reached at [email protected] or you can call 698-8120 and leave a message for me to return your call. 





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