Miss Hanson's Welcome Page

Hello! My name is Ms. Hanson and I am thrilled to be your science and reading teacher this year! I have been teaching since 2017 and at Horizon Middle School since 2018.  In my free time, I am on the coaching staff for Kearney High volleyball and soccer. Some of the things I enjoy most are spending time with my family, playing sports, coaching, reading, and hanging out with my friends. Come ready to have fun while learning about science and its often unexpected outcomes!
What are we going to learn about this year?
The sixth grade standards and indicators help students gather, analyze, and communicate evidence. They formulate answers to questions tailored to student interest and current topics that may include, but are not limited to: How can energy be transferred from one object or system to another? How do the structures of organisms contribute to life’s functions? How do organisms grow, develop, and reproduce? What factors interact and influence weather and climate? How does water move through Earth’s systems?
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