Horizon offers many after school clubs! These clubs last until 4:15 on the day they are held.
These clubs occur weekly:
Monday: Minecraft Club (Permission Form Required)
     Info: Students meet in the library or computer classroom where they let their creativity and survival skills shine in the world of Minecraft.
Tuesday: Pokémon Club (Permission Form Required)
     Info: Students will participate in various forms of Pokémon related activities including card games, video games, scavenger hunts, and movies. The activities teach the students teamwork, conflict resolution, negotiation and problem-solving skills.
Wednesday: Chess Club
     Info: Students develop problem solving skills and battle against each other in one of the oldest and best games known to man. The Horizon Chess Club has many different chess boards including one that allows four people to play at once!   
Thursday: TBD
Friday: Dungeons & Dragons Club
     Info: Druids, Dragons, Dwarves, Oh My! Students join together to battle many beasts and put their imaginative skills to the test as they encounter many challenges along the way!
If you have any questions, please call 308-698-8120.