JAG Pass

One way Horizon honors students who follow the JAG Way (Be Safe, Be Respectful, Be Responsible, and Be Kind) is JAG Passes.  Specified weeks throughout the year will be JAG Pass Weeks, during which time students may apply for a JAG Pass.
Students wanting to earn a JAG Pass must pick up an application from the JAG Information Center in the hallway by the front office. During a designated JAG Pass Week, they can then take their application to all of their teachers, including the Librarian.  Each teacher will either sign their approval for the student to earn a JAG pass, or list the reason for denying the student a JAG pass. Students can earn a JAG Pass by upholding Horizon's code to Be Safe, Be Respectful, Be Responsible, and Be Kind. Some examples of reasons students might be denied a JAG pass include: talking during/disrupting class time, frequently having late or missing assignments, or treating other students or staff members unkindly.
Once a student has a completed JAG pass application, they can turn it in to the front office to get their JAG pass sticker for their ID. Completed forms must be turned in to the front office no later than Friday at 4:00 pm during that JAG Pass Week in order to receive their sticker.
Some benefits to earning a JAG pass include: using their JAG Pass as a hall pass, going to the Library before school or after lunch, Free admittance to Horizon Home Sporting Events, and a 5 minute early dismissal from school.
If a student is denied a JAG pass, they can work on improving the reason they were denied a pass and re-apply during the next JAG Pass Week.
Students new to Horizon must attend Horizon for a full 4 weeks, and then may apply during the next designated JAG Pass Week.
The designated JAG Pass Weeks for the 2021-2022 school year are as follows:

October 4-8

February 7-11

November 1-5

February 28-March 4

November 29-December 3

April 4-8

January 10-14

May 2-6