Mrs. Hanson's Welcome Page

Welcome to 7th Grade Science. I am Mrs. Hanson. Horizon has been my home for a lot of years. I was an 8th grade science teacher for thirty years, helped with volleyball, and ran the Student Council.

7th grade will be my new home this year as we explore the world of physical and earth sciences.  I will also be teaching a reading class. When not in my classroom I can be found with my husband of 35 years, my kids and grandkids, or singing with my quartet.

Looking forward to a great year as we navigate through Amplify Science together.

Course content for this school year.
The seventh grade standards and indicators help students gather, analyze, and communicate evidence. They formulate answers to questions tailored to student interest and current topics that may include, but are not limited to: How does thermal energy affect particles? Why do different pure substances have different physical and chemical properties and how do those properties determine how substances are used? What happens when new materials are formed? How do organisms obtain and use energy? How does matter and energy move through an ecosystem? How do organisms interact with other organisms in the physical environment to obtain matter and 10 energy? How do people figure out that Earth and life on Earth have changed over time? How do the materials in and on Earth’s crust change over time? How do human activities affect Earth’s systems?
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