HMS Choir

Virtual Classroom
New This Year!
I have spent a large portion of the summer keeping up with recommendations from health officials, research specific to singing during Covid, and the risk factors we face in our field. We are taking every precaution this year in choir because, unfortunately, we are one of the highest risk activities in the school. To combat this, we will be utilizing the following:
  • Students are required to wear a cloth mask or N95 mask any time they are in our classroom (the ones that Horizon can provide are perfect). Face shields, gaiters, and bandanas are allowed as face coverings at school in most classes, but they do not provide the protection necessary for students while singing. Students may keep a cloth mask or two in their locker specifically for choir if they do not plan to wear them daily so long as they are taken home and washed regularly (once weekly).
  • Virtual scans of music will be provided or projected in class to avoid passing around paper copies. This is possible in accordance with music copyright law as it pertains to each piece of music.
  • Our curriculum focus will shift more toward music listening skills, music reading, vocabulary, and creative music projects to combat the need for decreased singing time.
  • The fall concert has moved to a digital format to comply with health guidelines that advise against large gatherings. More information about that will go home in the Choir Handbook during the first days of school.
  • All seats are spaced at a minimum of 5ft apart. I would prefer more space, but our classroom does not allow for this given the number of students in each class. Weather permitting, we will use outdoor space regularly so that we can have more distancing and better air circulation while singing.
Feel free to email with any questions/concerns about these new and exciting changes!
Miss Grandstaff graduated from Nebraska Wesleyan University in 2019 and is thrilled to be starting her second year here at Horizon!
Mrs. T is our lovely accompanist who helps to keep everything running smoothly. We would be lost without her!