Kent Sughroue

Greetings!  My name is Kent Sughroue and my current role is as the school counselor at Horizon Middle School.  This is my thirty third year in education, thirty of those years for Kearney Public schools.  Previously I served as a science teacher, and Physical Education teacher.  In the past I have served the high school as an assistant football, basketball, and track coach. Currently in addition to my role as school counselor I am an assistant middle school basketball and track coach.
I am married to Deena and we have two adult daughters, Mandy and Megan.
I serve all 620 students at Horizon Middle School to help develop our social and emotional skills.  In this role I teach 6th graders social and emotional skills of self-regulation, responsible decision-making, self-awareness, relationship skills, and empathy.  Additionally, meet with students in small groups and individually to help them through situations they are dealing with.
Students and parents are encouraged to contact me by emailing me at: or calling my office phone, 308-698-8126.