Mr. Oertle


Hello! My name is Mr. Oertle and I am the Computers & Careers Teachers here at Horizon Middle School! I have been teaching at Horizon since 2018! I am lucky enough to get to teach 6th, 7th and 8th grade! You can see more info about my classes below. Along with teaching, I love to coach wrestling. I have been the head coach here at Horizon since 2018 and have been an assistant wrestling coach at Kearney High since 2013!

6th Grade Computers

6th Grade Computers Apps
Students will be introduced to and refine touch method keyboarding skills.
Basic word processing, spreadsheet, and presentation skills will be introduced and/or reviewed. Students will determine their interests and the importance of taking ownership of their future. They will match their interests to the education, training, and skills required in the occupations they explore. Students will acquire an awareness of the various choices in occupations. Students will be introduced to block computer coding through the use of Drones. 

7th Grade Computers

7th Grade Computer Apps
This class is designed to improve keyboarding skills and introduce 
and refine computer application skills. Word processing, spreadsheets, presentation, and internet search engines will be addressed. Students will match their career assessment results to 16 career clusters, explore occupations in the pathways of their interests, and match their assessment results to education and training required after high school. The student will be introduced to the Nebraska Career Readiness Standards. Students will continue to learn block coding through the use of robots. 

8th Grade Computers/Multimedia

This class is designed to further develop computer skills for high school. Students will learn a variety of computer programs, including word processing, Photoshop, InDesign, and other computer applications. In addition, students will develop skills in video capture and editing, and all aspects of producing videos for the Jag News video program. 
Jag News Logo
Students will create and edit graphics, sound, and special effects to be incorporated into video productions. Students 
will be required to work independently and in small teams to produce commercials, public service announcements, and short features. Students will create storyboards, write and rewrite shooting scripts, record, and edit projects.

8th Grade Personal Finance & Careers

Foundations U Text Book
This class is designed to teach students the foundations of personal finance in the first half of the class. Students will develop skills in saving and budgeting, credit and debt, education, careers, and entrepreneurship. They will also learn about investing, insurance, identity theft, global economics, marketing, and consumerism. The students will learn these foundations through Foundation in Personal Finance, Middle School Edition, a Dave Ramsey Curriculum. 
Upon completion of finance, students will explore various fields of work in a career educational model. Students will develop educational and career goals that align with the students’ desired future career
Nebraska Career Education Model
goals. We will study the Nebraska Career Education Model, learning jobs from various clusters. Once we learn about the job, students will participate in an activity that relates to the job. This is designed to create a greater understanding of the jobs available in a cluster area and its various responsibilities.

Jaguar Wrestling - 7th & 8th Grade

Horizon Wrestling Logo
Wrestling is one of two sports at Horizon that both 7th & 8th graders may participate in. My goal as a middle school coach is to make wrestling fun while teaching the basic skills of the sport and create a positive culture around wrestling that will lead into Kearney High as either a wrestler or fan.