Ms. Ockinga's Website

Welcome to Math 8 and Algebra.  In 1997, I started teaching for KPS as the High Ability Learner math teacher for Sunrise and Horizon Middle Schools.  In 2007 I entered the current position I am in now - teaching Math 8 and Algebra for 8th grade.  I have a Bachelor's Degree from Hastings College, middle school endorsements from UNK, a Master's Degree in Gifted Education from UNK and a Master's Degree in Middle School Math from UNL.  I like to joke that I have lots of education but can't seem to get out of 8th grade!  I like 8th grade!
MATH 8 - The purpose of Math 8 is to build a foundation for Algebra and Geometry in the high school.  During the year we will cover the following topics:  Exponents and Scientific Notations, Transformations, Linear Equations, Volume of Cylinders, Cones, and Spheres, Linear Functions, and Irrational Numbers (including Pythagorean Theorem).  
ALGEBRA - This course is equivalent to the Algebra I course taught at KHS.  During the first sememster we will learn to write, solve, and graph linear equations and functions.  During the second semester the focus will be on how to graph, write, and solve nonlinear equations and functions.
MATHCOUNTS Coach - MathCounts is a nationally organized competitive math activity which takes place during the spring.

I can be reached at or you can call 698-8120 and leave a message for me to return your call.