Welcome to 7-4 Math!

Greetings and Salutations!

I am Mr. Sanny and I have been teaching at Horizon Middle School since 1998! I was born in Iowa, but raised in Nebraska.  I graduated from Beatrice High School and went to Doane College (Doane University) in Crete, NE.  My first teaching job was in Griswold, IA, where I taught for 3 years.  I was the high school math teacher and I coached football. I have been at HMS ever since and I love Kearney, I love Horizon Middle School and I love Team 7-4!
My wife and I were married just before I started teaching in Kearney and we currently have 4 boys: Harrison, Jackson, Lincoln and Hayes.  Over the years in Kearney, I have coached freshman football at KHS (19 years) and 8th grade girls track at HMS (18 years).  My summers are filled with running a detasseling crew out of the Kearney area.
What we will learn in math this year will help you grow and develop into a well rounded, smart thinking adult.  We will use math on a daily basis to help us solve real world situations.  I will be passing along all of my tricks to help you do and understand math better than before, so make sure you are paying attention! 
The best way to contact me is mitsanny@kearneycats.com