Cami Christman: Team 6-4 English/Reading





Hi students and parents!  I have been teaching since 2014 and teaching sixth grade English and reading at Horizon since 2019.  I attended college at UNK and graduated in 2014 with a degree in Secondary Language Arts Education.  I have a passion for writing and enjoy sharing my love of language and books with my students!       



Course Descriptions: 

6th Grade English:  In sixth grade, students will demonstrate mastery in communicating effectively when writing, speaking, and listening. The course will teach several types of writing using the writing process and the Write Traits model. Parts of speech, punctuation, and capitalization will also be reinforced during the course.

6th Grade Reading: Students will apply a variety of vocabulary, fluency, and comprehension strategies empowering them to become independent, strategic readers. This literature-based class promotes the development of reading skills through the use of a balanced literacy approach. Emphasis is given to story elements, vocabulary development, and comprehension strategies. Students will be placed in classes according to their reading level.



Period 1:  Homeroom

Period 2:  English

Period 3:  Team 6-4 Planning Time

Period 4:  English

Period 5:  Personal Planning Period

Period 6:  Lunch

Period 7:  Reading

Period 8:  English

Period 9:  English

Period 10:Explore 




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