Notes from the Nurse

We have a few procedures that the School Nurse would like to remind parents about.
  • When a student is not feeling well, they need to come down to the Nurse's Office.  It is vital that we track the symptoms that are in the school.  If your child communicates with you from their phone, computer, or other smart device, please direct them to come to the Nurse's Office instead.  The more parents can help us reinforce the correct behavior, the better the situation will be.
  • All medication needs to be stored and administered through the Nurse's Office.  If your student needs to take medication during the school day, you need to fill out a form and bring the medication to the Nurse's Office.  It needs to be in the original container, and make sure we have not passed the expiration date.  We cannot have students carrying medication with them throughout the school.  The only exception to this is if a student self-carries an inhaler, and only if we have the Self-Carry paperwork filled out with the Nurse.
  • Remind you student to continue following good health procedures.  They need to put on their mask BEFORE entering the school building, and keep it on throughout the day.  They need to wash their hands frequently throughout the day, and use hand sanitizer where available.