KPS is moving to orange. What does this mean for HMS?

KPS is moving to orange.  What does this mean for HMS?
1) Students are expected to bring their own masks.  If they do not bring one they will need to contact their parents and have them bring them one. If theirs breaks during the day we will provide them another one.
2) Safety is one of our top priorities.  Proper mask wearing is essential.  To guarantee we have a safe environment students may be asked to go home for the day if they do not wear their mask properly.
3) We will be implementing a new seating chart during lunch.  We want to have proper spacing to keep everyone safe.  We also need all students to leave their masks on when they are not eating. If a student would be unmasked for 15 minutes or more during lunch and they are near a Covid positive person they will need to quarantine for 14 days. Our goal is to keep all everyone safe and keep them in school.